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How-to Video

(90 sec.)


class dropping tokens in to feedback frames

Using Feedback Frames in the Classroom! (Part 2)

Here are a few more innovative and creative suggestions for using Feedback Frames in your classroom to support students on their learning journey. Enhance Student…
a grade 1 class of students using Feedback Frames
Using Feedback Frames in the Classroom! (Part 1)
group of 21 people from UK
Case Studies
A People’s Panel Makes Recommendations on the Cost of Living
What do Teachers Think of Feedback Frames?
Unboxing & Review Video (by Werner Puchert)
pointing to agreement on Feedback Frames in classroom
Case Studies
Collaborative Decision-Making in the Classroom
Facilitation Tips
How to Prioritize a Brainstorm Using Feedback Frames
Feedback Frames A4 version
Our Story
New A4 Size Feedback Frames for the World!
participatory democracy video promo
Participatory Democracy in Action – Video Collection