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Here are a few more innovative and creative suggestions for using Feedback Frames in your classroom to support students on their learning journey.

Feedback Frames around the classroom

Enhance Student Voice

Providing students with the opportunity to collectively choose a topic or learning activities from a selection provided by the teacher gives students a voice in their learning and boosts engagement! For example, using the Scale of Agreement, add different statements around the room such as, “Our next topic should have the final activity as a visual presentation” or “Our next topic should have the final activity as a quiz”  and have students vote on how much they agree with each statement. Students will love the anonymity, eliminating the fear of publicly disagreeing with friends. Use this approach to also gather opinions on school life, the community, and more!


Engage in Inquiry-Based Learning

how far will the plan fly? Feedback Frames

Feedback Frames are the perfect opportunity for students to engage in inquiry-based learning and explore concepts through hands-on activities and investigations. Our tool is an extra layer of excitement, having students predict and visualize outcomes of learning and seeing their predictions come to life! Ask students a question such as “How many times do you predict you will roll a six on a die when you roll 10 times?” and create customizable headings using the Blank Scale Template, to fit the specific needs of your topics. Feedback Frames help encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills as students analyze, learn and reflect!


Creating a Positive, Inclusive Classroom Environment

Feedback Frames can also be a fantastic tool for classroom management. Set clear expectations, provide guidance and support, and reflect and adapt. For example, set a statement such as “Taking turns during discussions ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and respected”  and use the Scale of Agreement Template to encourage students to reflect on the value of taking turns and the impact on class dynamics. By keeping Feedback Frames as a regular part of learning routines, students know what’s expected of them, and how to annonymously share honest thoughts and opinions without feeling peer pressure. Use any of the editable templates to get students thinking and sharing truthfully!

pointing at Feedback Frames results in classroom

Lady holding Feedback Frames with results showing

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