Feedback Frames were invented in 2014 by Jason Diceman as a tool to use in his work as a professional meeting facilitator and senior public participation coordinator for local government in Toronto, Canada.

The score-voting approach is based on the Likert scale used in social science research surveys, and the Gradients of Agreement Scale used in consensus decision-making, as first developed in 1987 by Sam Kaner, Duane Berger, and the staff of Community At Work.

The use of tokens falling in columns behind a cover was a new approach invented and patented by Jason Diceman (US Patent 20180189804A1. Canadian Patent 2989904. Australian Patent 2016287792).

Jason Diceman with prototype 2017


In 2004, Jason invented a precursor to Feedback Frames called idea rating sheets (originally called “Dotmocracy Sheets”). These simple paper-based tools make it easy to find agreements among large numbers of people, both within and outside of meetings. Idea rating sheets have been used by 500+ meeting facilitators in over 33 countries, in 15+ different languages.

In 2014 he came up with the concept and early prototype of Feedback Frames.  Manufacturing and sales first began in late 2017, and as of 2023 we have sold over 7,000 units around the world.

Feedback Frames are proudly manufactured in Ontario, Canada, in partnership with Eva’s Printshop, a social enterprise for youth experiencing homelessness, and Prompt Assembly & Packaging Inc., an Afghani-Canadian family-owned business.

We are currently seeking retail, licensing and manufacturing partners to grow our distribution.

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