People using Feedback Frames while wearing masks

Feedback Frames help maximize participation while minimizing COVID-19 risk

Feedback Frames allow “all voices to be heard” without having people speak out loud.  The use of writing, reading, and idea-rating (by dropping physical tokens) allows everyone to share their thoughts and opinions, without talking loudly, sitting close together, or even all be in the same room at the same time.  

If you are in a community where health authorities permit indoor dining at restaurants, then you are probably ready to use Feedback Frames at an in-person event, with some precautions. 

(If you are restricted to doing workshops online, we recommend using, a user-friendly idea rating tool for virtual meetings.) 

Choose a Room with Fresh Air Ventilation

Select a large meeting room that has windows that open, and or has HEPA air filtration.  If the breeze is blowing your Feedback Frames and papers around, use small pieces of masking tape to keep them in place.

Space Out Frames

If possible, book a large space for your session and use many tables so that participants can each be at a Feedback Frame while maintaining physical distance from others.

Stagger Turn-Taking

If space is tight, limit the number of participants dropping tokens at any one time.  You might plan multiple parallel activities so that sub-groups can take turns and rotate through different activity stations, with token dropping and writing comments being one of them.  For example, small group discussions may be outside, while using Feedback Frames is inside.  Alternatively, schedule different times for sub-groups to arrive and record their opinions.

Provide Individualized Portions of Tokens

tokens for Feedback Frames in cups

Pre-pour tokens into small cups or bags, one for each participant.   Set them spaced apart so participants will not need to bunch or line up to get their portion.  

Avoid Sharing Pens

While the chance of COVID-19 surface transmission is less than 1 in 10,000, your participants may feel more comfortable knowing pens are not being shared. Depending on your scenario, you might ask participants to bring their own pen, and/or provide new/clean individual pens for each participant. You might let participants keep them, or ask them to put them in a “used” box when they are done.

Follow Institutional Protocols

Confirm your organizations current protocols for required masking, proof of vaccination, rapid testing, reduced occupancy, physical distancing, etc.   Send participants reminders of the protocols in advance.  Consider advertising the protocols on posters in the room. The facilitation team will need to be a good example by following best practices and providing friendly reminders when needed.

Please follow the advice provided by your local health authority for staying safe.

If you have thoughts to share about using Feedback Frames during COVID-19, please let us know.