There are several ways we can offer you a discount on your order of Feedback Frames.

Subscribe for 20% Off

Anyone can get a one time 20% off discount code on their first purchase by subscribing to our newsletter and then completing your subscriber profile.

Promote for 30% Off

Post a message promoting on social media or an online forum, email us a link or screen grab of the post, and we’ll send you a 30% discount code. Send to

Schools and Community Organizations Get Up to 70% Off!

We offer discounts to public schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and not-for-profits. Just ask and we’ll email you a 20% discount code.

For a bigger discount, take a group photo of people from your school or organization holding a sign or pointing to a poster or board that says in big bold letters “We want Feedback Frames” and share it on social media using the hashtag #FeedbackFrames.

Then email us a link to your post and we’ll send you a discount code*.

The more people in your photo, the bigger the discount:

3 to 6 people 40% off
7 to 10 people 50% off
11 to 20 people 60% off
21 or more people 70% off
UFV wants Feedback Frames

Everyone should be smiling and understand the photo will be used for Feedback Frames promotional purposes.

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Your enthusiasm will help us grow our user community, which means we can expand production, improve the product, and get more people making smart group decisions around the world.

*Limits may apply.