I am seeking a company to license, manufacture, and market my patented Feedback Frames product.

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Watch the Original Video (5 min, 2016)

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A Proven Winner

Feedback Frames open and closed

This first retail version of Feedback Frames (as seen above in white) has sold over 4,000 units.

This first “LITE” version is a minimum viable product for market testing. It is made from a die-cut chipboard and sheet plastic, hand-assembled in Ontario, Canada. It uses US legal-size paper, marketed primarily in North America. It is sold in a travel case of 15 units, with 750 tokens, for about $199 USD.

Box of Feedback Frames

Sold only through my online store, with minimal marketing, sales have been driven by word-of-mouth recommendations, especially repeat customers and endorsements from professionals.

Burlington Feedback Frames


Now Ready for Mass Manufacturing

In response to user requests, the next version of Feedback Frames (shown in black) will have an improved design made of sturdy injection-moulded plastic. New features will include:

Fits A4 and Letter Size
Being compatible with standard A4 and US Letter size paper is ideal for an international market. 


Compact Size
Often used in sets of 30 or more, reduced dimensions will make it easy to transport and will require less table space in meetings.


Being super stable, water tolerant, and easy to clean, are important for use in public settings and school classrooms.


Wall Mountable
Use hidden holes on the back to hang Feedback Frames on a wall or display board.


Works Handheld
Attach a statement sheet using the convenient front cover clips and pass them around by hand.


Cover Locks Down
A hole at the bottom passes through the cover and frame. Tie it closed to keep out results peaking before everyone is done voting.


Lego Compatible
Attach Lego to the back to make custom add-ons, such as mounting brackets, pen holders, clipboards for related information, or something more fun!

The black model shown in these photos is an early functional prototype. A redesign is recommended prior to mass manufacturing. 


A Solid Bet for Retail

Feedback Frames have already proven popular with a wide variety of customers, especially professional facilitators, consultants, and educators.  The tool has started to be adopted by professional trainers, applied to school curriculum, and adopted and endorsed by leaders in the field.

This is a global product with a universal design that can work in any language in almost any environment. Feedback Frames are positioned to sell in office supplies stores around the world, on the shelves between flip-charts, clipboards, and sticky-notes.

A New Category of Product

The closest existing products to Feedback Frames are audience response systems (“clickers”) or voting apps/web services for smartphones. Both require expensive hardware, network connections, charged batteries, logins, and lots of IT support. Feedback Frames do not require any technology.

The next closest comparison is sticker-dot voting aka “dotmocracy”, which is well known to be unreliable because of the bandwagon effect, vote splitting, choice overload, and how easy it is to cheat. 

Feedback Frames are truly novel and ready to become a global standard product.

Patent Granted (US20180189804A1)



Jason Diceman 647-883-0648  diceman@feedbackframes.com