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With the constant changes in education, teachers are always looking for innovative new ways to engage and inspire students. Feedback Frames are a new kind of hands-on tool that gets the whole class participating and everyone excited to see the results. (See how they work)

In this series of blog posts, we’re sharing some ideas to enhance students’ learning experiences, while getting them off screens and up and moving using our tool. 

very hard to very easy scale

Assess Understanding

Feedback Frames are a great way to get children to assess their own understanding of new material. Ask a question like “How did you find this assignment?” and then they can record their responses on a Scale of Difficulty (see Template).  Because it’s anonymous, students will feel more confident and comfortable sharing their honest grasp of a topic. Reveal the results to see how the whole class feels!

Alternative to Online Quiz

Instead of setting online quizzes, have students step away from the screens and have fun dropping tokens! Feedback Frames are a great way to set short, customized multiple-choice questions using the ABCDEF Template and accompanying ABCDEF Options Poster. Ask students a question such as “Which of the following is an example of an adjective?” and have them drop their token in which letter they think is the adjective. Fantastic for a quick check in to see the overall progress of your class, without making them feel any pressure! Reveal the results and then discuss as a class what topics may need more review.


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Feedback Frames before and after debate

Promote Critical Thinking

Initiate critical thinking using the Scale of Agreement Template. Set a statement or question based on your topic, and have students record their level of agreement. Reveal and discuss the results as a group.  You can do this kind of poll before and after a debate to see how opinions change. The more controversial the topic, the more interesting the results could be. For example, “Pineapple is the best topping for pizza.” 

Be sure to keep an eye out this week for additional examples from educators on how to enrich students’ passion for learning! In the meantime, explore our customizable templates mentioned earlier (and more!) to tailor each concept to fit the needs of your students.

Implemented any of the ideas mentioned? Let us know about your experience and how you adapted Feedback Frames for your learners!

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