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Designed to fit 30 pennies, prototype #2 was functional, but did not fit letter size paper.

At this stage I was trying to design the apparatus to work for pennies (USD and CAD).  I figured pennies have value, like opinions have value, they are standard dimensions, and readily available (although much less so in Canada now that pennies have been taken out of circulation). And I liked the association with the sayings “penny for your thoughts” and “when the penny drops“.

But the reality is that designing for six columns, each wide enough for 30 pennies (which is priority requirement), made the overall frame too big for standard letter size sheet paper dimensions. And besides, coins varied in size around the world and we care about accessibility.

It made more sense to design for standard international paper dimensions (i.e. A4 and letter), to be used for the scale, and make custom tokens when 30 vote per column is required. Also a smaller frame would cost less and be easier to transport.

Back to the drawing board (literally).




I was quite happy with the simple hinge-cover mechanism,  which was elegant and allowed the panel to lie flat with the cover in the front or back.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below https://newzpharmacy.com/!

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