This prototype was the winner for demonstrating the value of my new invention.

After realizing that pennies were too big to fit 30 per column, I tried a bunch of different token sizes and decided #12 washers worked best. I later found that washers are not reliable in thickness, which can cause serious problems, thus I will be manufacturing tokens to go with the frames.

I also realized I would need to make the prototypes sturdy and low cost, if I was going to demonstrate them at in a real meeting with lots of ideas for voting.  I needed to make a lot of these!

Here is what I came up with…

It was made with some finely sliced black foam sheets, custom cut clear acrylic panes, corrugated plastic rectangles, a paper protector, heavy gauge wire, and lots of doubled sided tape, assembled with care.  The result worked pretty good and did not look too shabby either.

My lovely parents most generously offered to spend many of their retirement hours assembling 45 frames for me, replicating my exact design.  A few weeks later they arrived, and I had my first set of (yet-to-be named) idea rating panel thingies, ready for demonstration.

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