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After workshopping dozens of names with friends (especially award winning writer Andy Lee), I finally landed on Feedback Frames as the clear winner.  

I choose the name for a bunch of reasons:

  • “Feedback” is a common generic term for seeking input and opinions from people after presenting something.
  • A frame is a good descriptive comparison of the physical look of the apparatus.
  • It’s simple english that makes perfect sense once you see it in action.
  • I decided on plural “Frames” with an “s” to reinforce that they are intended in be used as sets for rating many options, not just multiple choice-voting with one frame.
  • Alliteration (two “F”s) is noticeable and memorable.
  • It avoids loaded terms like “democracy” or “consensus”, which are ingrained principles of the invention’s function, but can turn some (dare I say, corporate) folks off when they hear such hippy words.
  • It’s unique – “Feedback Frames” is basically unheard of, so says Google.
  • FeedbackFrames.com was available. Score!


Thanks to everyone who came over and helped to brainstorm and discuss name ideas and early marketing suggestions:  Claudia De Simone, David Han, Steve Davidchuk, Andy Lee, Jill Dalton, Henri-Leon Solomon, Phillip Smith, and Eric Squire.

Lady holding Feedback Frames with results showing

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