Why not just make them yourself (D.I.Y.)?

Feedback Frames have such a simple design, you would think they could be easy to DIY. But you would be surprised. We spent many weeks trying different dimensions, materials, qualities and thickness of cardboard, chipboard, plastic, adhesives, etc. It can be a real challenge to get a reliable product where tokens fall freely, stack neatly, and don’t overlap and get jammed.  Even if you can make one, it can take many hours to make your first, and many hours to make a few more. And the materials required (especially the clear acrylic sheets) can be quite expensive purchased in low volumes off the shelf.

Why not save your time and effort and just ask us for a discount on a professionally manufactured set, delivered to your door in a few short days.

For the record, we do have a patent on the system and method: #US10467637B2

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