What are they made out of?  Are they durable?

Feedback Frames are made of precision die-cut white laminated chipboard, sandwiched between two sheets of semi-rigid PETG scratch-resistant clear plastic sheets, held together with pro-grade double-sided flexible adhesive.  There is legal size plastic paper protector affixed to the back. The stand is a single piece clear acrylic unit, with soft rubber feet to avoid sliding during use. The front cover is made from printed 8.5 x 14” cardstock, and the voting scale is printed 8.5 x 14” paper, both easily replaced with your own customized covers and scales.

This latest design has proven to be safe and durable for repeat indoor use with children and adults.  They are generally not recommended for outdoor use, where they are susceptible to wind and moisture, although some users do use them outdoors with clips to hold in place.

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