Can I pay using a purchase order?

Many of our customers are government, schools, or institutions that need to pay using a purchase order process, and we are happy to oblige. Below is the common vendor information you may need.

Business Name: Feedback Frames
Address: 34 Robina Avenue    Toronto    ON    M6C 3Y6     Canada
Phone:  647-883-0648

Email: sales@feedbackframes.com

(No fax #)

Download our sole source letter

Canada Tax Information

GST/HST/business number: 815119748
Business Name for GST/HST Registry: Jason Diceman


Cheques can be made to “Feedback Frames” or “Jason Diceman” if that is easier for you.

Email us with the following information, and we can provide you with a formal quote document:

  • Number of boxes to be purchased (15 units per box in US and Canada, 8 units per box international)  
  • Organization name
  • Shipping postal address 
  • Shipping contact phone number
  • Billing postal address 
  • Billing contact email address

Let us know if you require any further information or forms completed.

Once we receive your PO number, we can ship your order and send our invoice with the PO number to your billing contact.

Contact:  sales@feedbackframes.com or call 647-883-0648


Re: W-9 form for U.S. customers
As a Canadian company with a Canadian owner, we need to provide you with a W-8BEN form instead of a W-9. Download our W-8BEN form

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