Every box of Feedback Frames comes with more than enough blue tokens: 320 in the A4 size box of 8 units, and 750 in the US Legal size box of 15 units.

To gain further insights into group opinions, you can use other colour tokens and coins for different kinds of participants.

Feedback Frames with different colour tokens and coins

Order tokens in other colours

Order “Chips 15mm”  from spielematerial.de

These 15mm “chips” from Spiel Material match the dimensions of the stock blue tokens.  They have been tested to work reliably with Feedback Frames.  Order them directly from Spiel Material, independent of FeedbackFrames.com.

Tokens from other suppliers may be too large, thick or thin and could get jammed, but you could always try.  Small bingo chips are also known to work in a pinch.

You can also use coins

Canadian and U.S. pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters fit nicely.  E.U. 1 cent is ideal. Small coins from other counties should work too, but you should test in advance.