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Results Data-Entry Score Spreadsheet

Highly recommended!  Automatically score and sort your results by agreement and by controversy. Add your own columns for theme or topic, and other analysis.

Feedback Frames spreadsheet example

(v8.0 updated June 15, 2018)

Thanks for the Excel math help from my super genius friend, John Richardson, creator of the powerful Ethelo group decision-making software.

PowerPoint Slide Decks

Instructions slide deck


Scale Sheets

All files are designed for US legal-size paper to fit Feedback Frames:

IMPORTANT: Do not print these from your web browser. Download the PDF files and open in Adobe Reader. Make sure to print at “actual size” (100%). Do not use “fit to page”. Ignore margin error messages. Start by printing one sheet to test right fit.


Statement and Signature Sheet

Statement & signature sheet, with agreement scale tally at the bottom. (Version 4.  November 2018)


Cover with Instructions

PDF file, designed for US legal-size paper to fit Feedback Frames LITE:

I recommend using thick card stock to avoid any peeking through or accidental reveals. Trim the sheet where marked.

If you have any questions or require a template that’s not listed, let me know! I’ll be glad to support you: