Fun & Smart Low-tech Survey for Regional Planning Public Consultation

A letter and photos from Zach Dripps of the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) – a regional planning organization in South Bend, Indiana USA.

I wanted to thank you for getting me the frames last month. We are getting a lot of good input and comments on the activity. It was a good way to get people’s limited attention at an event.

We are working with the Town of Winona Lake to create their first Comprehensive Plan.

We had approximately 65 individuals participate at two separate events. The objective was to understand the public’s opinion on different statements regarding the values and vision for the Town. We crafted 10 statements and asked if the agreed or disagreed with them.

different colour tokens

Additionally, each of the events we were attending was held in the Town, but attracted individuals from surrounding communities. So we wanted to be able to capture their opinions as well, but distinguish them from the residents. So we asked them to self-identify where they are from and choose one of three colors. I feel this was fairly effective but did need some explanation.

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