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As part of Facilitation Week 2016, the Toronto Chapter of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) hosted an evening learning and sharing session on October 18.

Thank you for the opportunity, Jo Nelson and Mara Svenne.

Located in the legendary facilitator offices of  ICA Associates,  the night included multiple presentations and discussions.  I was invited to demonstrate Feedback Frames to the room of facilitation experts.

The 15 participants were asked to answer this fun question: What do you do? Except they weren’t allowed to include the word “facilitation”.

They quickly generated about a dozen ideas and we placed each unique statement in front of its own Feedback Frame. Participants were invited to then drop tokens to record their level of agreement on each statement.

The total process took less than 15 minutes.

It was a blind just-for-fun vote but the results were quite insightful in understanding what’s most common in our sector.

See a sample of results below, in agreement priority order.

Borrow Feedback Frames for Your Next Meeting!

A call to Toronto area facilitators to borrow a set of Feedback Frames any time!  Use them to quickly recognize and prioritize agreements in your meetings. No bandwagon effect, no group think, no batteries required.

Get in touch here.

Lady holding Feedback Frames with results showing

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