Who Uses Feedback Frames?

Professional Facilitators

Keep everyone engaged and quickly prioritize dozens of brainstorm ideas without social biases.

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In any meeting, seeing what everyone thinks is a huge challenge. Feedback Frames provide a way of doing that; efficiently and reliably. And what a refreshing alternative to "the latest app!”

Craig FreshleyOwner, Good Group Decisions

Agile Project Managers

Get actionable results from strategy workshops and improve team collaboration.

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“Ideal for evaluating options and priorities within face-to-face teams. Upgrade your collaborative workshops!”

Rob PurdieAgile Coach, IBM; Founder, NYC Scrum User Group


Perfect for public consultation and stakeholder workshops, Feedback Frames are currently used by over 60 governments, and counting! Learn more about their use for community engagement.

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"Feedback Frames are unique for strategic senior leadership workshops. All parties can quickly and anonymously vote on organizational priorities, including providing analytical annotations. lt is simple, multidimensional, energizing and accurate."

Henri-Leon SolomonOrganizational Development Advisor, United Nations

Feedback Frames Are Used By

City of Boulder
Natural Resources Canada
42 Agile
CBC Radio

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Group shot after Feedback Frames
Case Studies

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