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Unboxing & Review Video (by Werner Puchert)

Werner Puchert is an Experience Design Director and Design Thinking Consultant known for his excellent video interviews and reviews of creative workshop tools and industry…
pointing to agreement on Feedback Frames in classroom
Case Studies

Collaborative Decision-Making in the Classroom

How 40 students used Feedback Frames to quickly find agreements on recommended class activities. This fun, hands-on, and equal opportunity method invited all pupils to…
Facilitation Tips

How to Prioritize a Brainstorm Using Feedback Frames

Detailed Instructions for Facilitators After a group has generated many ideas, how do you know which ideas have the most agreement and which don't? Here are…
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Dotmocracy is Broken

Sticker dot-voting is a popular facilitation method, but it’s severely flawed. Problems include the bandwagon effect, vote splitting, choice overload, and how easy it is to cheat.

Feedback Frames use secret score-voting to give you reliable results every time.


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