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Group shot after Feedback Frames
Case Studies

Prioritizing Strategies to Support Homeless Youth

The most rewarding part of distributing Feedback Frames is seeing all the ways they support inspiring organizations that make positive impacts in the world.  One…
Bryan-Boyle-and-Associates using feedback Frames

Boyling it Down: Using Feedback Frames to Guage Progress

Feedback Frames are used by facilitators like Bryan Boyle to get honest program evaluations and clear-cut priorities out of strategic planning workshops, collaboratively from both…
Sticker voting dotmocracy
Facilitation Tips

Dotmocracy is Broken

Let’s stop pretending voting with stickers is a good technique for adults to effectively prioritize the options. We know better. The chief reasons that sticker-dot…
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Dotmocracy is Broken

Sticker dot-voting is a popular facilitation method, but it’s severely flawed. Problems include the bandwagon effect, vote splitting, choice overload, and how easy it is to cheat.

Feedback Frames use secret score-voting to give you reliable results every time.


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