Collaborative Decision-Making in Democratic Schools

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What are Feedback Frames?

Feedback Frames are simple analog tools for secret score-voting on many options.  Participants rate each idea by dropping a token in a range of slots that are hidden by a cover, with results later revealed as a visual graph of opinions.  Anonymous votes are validated by a tally of corresponding signatures.

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Not a replacement for discussion.

A way to recognize collective opinions between & after discussions.

Expand Your Creative Problem Solving

With Feedback Frames, students can propose a variety of solutions to be considered at the same time. Score-voting of many ideas is done in parallel, including the noting of comments.

Results reveal the honest levels of agreement on each idea, without worrying about peer pressure, sequence bias, or vote-splitting. If an obvious consensus is not found immediately, results can then inform further creative discussions on how to best meet the community’s collective preferences.

Feedback Frames in class school
See all the ideas and opinions in your school community, before drafting a proposal 
drop one token to record opinion

Avoid Groupthink

Secret score voting is anonymous and hidden until revealed, which deters social conformity bias (aka the bandwagon effect and peer pressure) which can affect voting using raised hands or stickers.

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Low Tech & High Touch

Dropping tokens is fun for participants of all ages. This tactile analog method has no technical barriers to overcome and invites energizing movement during a long meeting.

two Feedback Frames results

See Nuanced Collective Opinions

Unlike limiting and polarizing yes/no votes, Feedback Frames can record gradients of opinions on an unlimited number of ideas. Results show the strength of all views, while encouraging a focus on shared priorities.

A new participatory step in your interactive democratic process! 
signatures for feedback frames

Validated Results

Participant signatures track progress and confirm one vote per person per frame. I.e. the number of signatures on a sheet should equal the number of tokens in the corresponding frame.

example rating scales

Customizable Templates

The rating scale, instructions cover, and statement-signature sheet files can be downloaded, edited and printed in any language, for any topic.

Writing ideas on a statement-signature sheet

Like Surveys on Sticky Notes

Ask open ended questions for participants to generate ideas (like on sticky-notes), and then immediately rate the ideas on a custom 5-point scale to deliver quantitative results (like a survey).

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