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Hands-on Survey Tool for Schools

A fun and flexible low-tech solution to see everyone's opinions!

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Feedback Frames in the classroom
dropping a token in Feedback Frames

What are Feedback Frames?

Feedback Frames are simple analog tools for secret polling on up to six options per frame.  Participants record their answer by dropping a token in a range of slots that are hidden by a cover, with results later revealed as a visual graph of responses. 

Play Video Watch a 90 second intro video
Feedback Frames results 3 in A4 size

Low Tech & Out of Seats Engagement

drop one token to record opinion

Make Surveys Tactile

Giving input to a multiple-choice question becomes tangible. Reveal instant bar graph results without relying on technology.

Dropping tokens in Feedback Frames in classroom

Get Immediate Student Feedback

Easily collect anonymous responses at the end of a lesson to receive honest opinions and assess student learning.

two Feedback Frames results

Teach Participatory Democracy

Go beyond traditional voting and referendums to experience open-ended deliberative democracy with clear and nuanced score-voting results.

Jill Kennedy teacher

Jill Kennedy
Social Studies Department Head

O’Donel High, Mount Pearl, NL
“The significance of voting is more tangible with a token in your hand rather than the click of a mouse. We use these in all our Social Studies and Humanities courses to develop critical thinking skills and a stronger appreciation for democratic principles. I highly recommend them for any classroom!”

Fully Customizable

Download free templates. Edit and print to meet your lesson plan objectives.

Feedback Frames empty
Examples of Feedback Frames scales

Express Preferences and Make Choices Together

Micah with Feedback Frames

Practice Classroom Problem-Solving

Invite students to write creative suggestions and then individually rate ideas based on defined criteria to collaboratively find agreements for shared solutions.

Empower Student Voice

Include everyone’s perspective with equal weight in a transparent process, while avoiding self-censoring peer pressure.

Feedback Frames at MaRS smile

Gather Priorities From Staff

Get efficient input and clear group preferences in a transparent method within school meetings and professional practice workshops.

Joyce Matthews teacher trainer

Joyce Matthews

Award winning trainer of facilitators. Former physical education teacher.
“This is a great tool for any teacher who is interested in using student voice for collaborative decision making”

Examples of Feedback Frames in Action

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Lady holding Feedback Frames with results showing

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