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The simplest and most effective decision-making tool on the market. Prioritize options and get instant visual results.

Feedback Frames

Facilitate Decisions In Minutes

You’ve done the work to gather everyone’s ideas but how do you prioritize them and choose an option to move forward with? And how do you do it while avoiding social biases and lengthy debates?

Feedback Frames are simple analogue tools purpose-built to help you prioritize options and make choices collaboratively in minutes. Use them to run your next brainstorming session or meeting more effectively.

students and academics using feedback frames

Dotmocracy is Broken

Sticker dot-voting is a popular facilitation method, but it’s severely flawed. Problems include the bandwagon effect, vote splitting, choice overload, and how easy it is to cheat.

Feedback Frames use secret score-voting to give you reliable results every time.


How Do They Work?

How do Feedback Frames work?

Purpose-built for group facilitation

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Feedback Frames eliminate friction around live voting. No wasted time downloading apps or signing up for web tools.

Secret Voting

Secret Voting

Unlike most methods, votes are anonymous through the entire process. No bandwagon effect or group think.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Modify one of our ​free templates​ or create your own rating sheet. Use ​coloured tokens​ to represent different kinds of participants.

Validated Results

Validated Results

Collect participant signatures to confirm one vote per person. The number of tokens dropped should equal signatures listed.


tokens dropped and counting…

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the community has to say.

Adrian SegarAuthor of “Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love”

...a refreshing alternative to the complex (and typically expensive) high-tech audience response system methods routinely used for anonymous voting at meetings.

Bob EckertMaster Facilitator

If you are tired of the "Group Think" that always creeps into dot-voting in convergence activities, and want something visually appealing then you're going to love Feedback Frames.

Jerry KohDirector of Systems Innovation, MaRS Solutions Lab

I thought it might take a lot of time, or that people might be confused. But it was in fact really quick for feedback on 10 ideas. And people looked like they had fun.

Mimi ThomasMiddle School Teacher, Toronto District School Board

What a fun and smart way for prioritizing student questions for inquiry based learning. I’m sure classmates would appreciate doing peer evaluation anonymously. And wow, could this help in staff meetings too.

Rosa ZubizarretaDiapraxis, Dynamic Facilitation Associates

It's great to discover this well-designed, highly versatile tool! Low-tech, high-touch, super useful way to get an initial read at the start of a group process, a final vote at the end, and/or a "straw poll" in the middle!

Jonathan GaultManager, Eva's Phoenix Print Shop

They work really well in our all-staff meetings with 25 people. The best part is definitely the reveal of the results. It gets everyone really excited and prompts lots of discussions that probably wouldn’t happen otherwise.

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Converge Consulting
Delaney + Associates
Facilitators Network Singapore
Engagement Plus
Environmental Incentives

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