Feedback Frames are a unique non-electronic hardware tool for prioritizing options and finding agreements in large groups. See them in action at

Feedback Frames open and closed

With over 1,700 units sold in my first year of business, Feedback Frames is a field-proven product, with an eager market, and working sales channels and fulfillment service. I already have a base of enthusiastic early adopters giving good word-of-mouth marketing, and now I need a marketing plan and implementation to turbocharge my reach and sales volumes.

I’m looking for a marketing consultant or small agency, ideally with experiences in marketing new hardware like board games, hand tools, or supplies for office, art, teaching or training.  I’ll need a someone who appreciates and is willing to work with the challenges of a one-person startup.

I’m based in Toronto, Canada, but willing to work with anyone online. We could sub-contract local photography and video services when needed.

I’ll need the services of marketing analysis, strategy, plan, and implementation management.

My primary target market for 2019 is in Canada and the USA, as the current product design uses legal size paper, and shipping costs are only competitive in Canada and USA.  That said I do have some international customers who pay over $200 for shipping! And I will work toward supplying international markets with a new letter/A4 paper size version of the product, hopefully in 2020.


Over the next 6 months, I am aiming to go from my current average of 240 units sold a month to a steady and growing 1,000 units a month.

My Current Marketing

My current marketing efforts are quite minimal:

  • Random tweets as @IdeaRatingGuy (800 followers)
  • Occasional posts to LinkedIn (1800 followers)
  • Infrequent messages to my MailChimp list (2,400 mostly long time subscribers)
  • Referrals from my other sites, mostly
  • A few rare in-person demonstrations (e.g. at conferences)

It seems at least a portion of my sales come from word-of-mouth promotions from fans and users, such as Amanda Mitchell in Vancouver David Plouffe in Calgary,  Richard Delaney in Ottawa and Engage 2 Act in Australia. On multiple occasions, I have heard from customers who without prompt, voluntarily did demonstrations of Feedback Frames at special events within their community of practice.

The product also markets itself, as it is always used in large groups, with clear branding visible for all participants as it demonstrates its value.

Feedback Frames in Bradford West Gwillimbury

close up feedback frames

And I have had several keen users share with me their photos and write-ups for my blog, which I have yet to effectively make much use of, but it shows the potential for customer community sharing.

Target Audiences

Based analysis of customers, surveys of my email subscribers, anecdotal feedback, and some intuition, I’d list the following as some examples of my markets (in order of certainty):

  1. Professional meeting facilitators (e.g. members of IAF and NCDD)
  2. Government staff and consultants who do public consultation (e.g. members of IAP2)
  3. Health sector organizations
  4. Teachers / professors (middle school to post-secondary)
  5. Agile coaches, scrum masters (popular software development methodology that features lots of meeting facilitation using innovative non-electronic tools)
  6. Consultants to corporations, government and associations (e.g. that host large workshops for change management, HR, corporate strategy, innovation, team building, trainers)
  7. NGOs with engagement in their mandate
  8. Innovative organization managers (corporate, NGOs and co-ops)
  9. Church leaders (specifically Baptist and United)
  10. Professional event / meeting organizers (e.g. members of MPI)
  11. Professional / Student / Business / Community Associations
  12. Meetings venue managers (esp. those that features collaborative workshop spaces


I’m in need of a strategy, but I do have several ideas for marketing tactics:

  • Refresh web site with an improved design, and landing pages for each target audience
  • Online ads pointing to the new audience specific landing pages
  • Direct message / email professional faciliators
  • Automated new subscriber email schedule sales funnel
  • Blog posts and short videos on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Pinterest and Instagram photo sharing e.g. targeting teachers and graphic facilitators
  • PR: Earned media in niche sector online publications
  • Sincere influencer sharing
  • Commission based resellers and social media marketers
  • Supporting existing customers for repeat sales and endorsement

I am most interested in pursuing marketing techniques that support and amplify word-of-mouth sincere endorsements from customers, and influencers.

I’m interested in both low-hanging fruit tactics for some immediate sales, as well as long term investments to build a movement.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in potentially taking on Feedback Frames as a client, please contact me at providing links to a digital portfolio of your work, including at least two concise case studies of relevant plans you have implemented in recent years.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Diceman