Request for Digital Marketing Coordinator

Request for Online PR & Digital Marketing Management

I’m Jason Diceman, an experienced professional meeting facilitator in Toronto, and inventor of Feedback Frames: the perfect large decision making tool.

I’m looking for an online PR/marketing expert who can help me grow my mailing list of qualified leads in preparation for an international crowdfunding campaign in the next few months.

See my current web page at


$3,000 CDN budget to start, with more budget available once ROI is demonstrated. Goal is to grow existing high-quality subscriber list from 1,600 to 4,000 by the end of March 2017, and then to 20,000 in the mid-summer, with additional investment as needed.

Feedback Frames are a fun, inspiring, highly endorsed, and very unique (non-electronic) product. Lots of opportunity to leverage my existing super-fans. I’m a sophisticated client, but busy with government day job and young family life.  I have good existing video content, ok website (I think), but my web presence is lacking. Lots of potential for easy wins with just a bit of work to engage the right influencers, of which I have a starter list.

Contact me if you are interested: 647-883-0648


Here is the long story and details…

About Me

By day I work full-time as a Senior Public Consultation Coordinator for the City of Toronto, leading large stakeholder workshops and public meetings on controversial infrastructure projects like major bike lanes (e.g. Bloor St, Richmond-Adelaide), new roads and accessible trails.  At home, I’m a father of three young children, handyman husband, and big family guy.  Prior to 2008, I was a successful web developer for large not-for-profits, with a degree from Ryerson in Radio & Television.  More about me at

History of my Meeting Facilitation Tools

In 2004, I invented Idea Rating Sheets (originally called “Dotmocracy” until 2014), an innovative paper based tool to help find agreements in large groups.  My Idea Rating Sheets materials are used by hundreds of meeting facilitators in over 33 different countries, in more than 15 different languages. See photos and examples at

In 2014 I came up with Feedback Frames, which are an important upgrade on Idea Rating Sheets, allowing for secret vote rating that avoids the problematic bandwagon effect and “group think”, and thus making results much more reliable.  Unlike Idea Rating Sheets, which are easily replicated on paper, Feedback Frames are a unique manufactured hardware product on which I own the patent.

My early handmade prototypes of Feedback Frames have already been used by a wide ranges of groups, (links below to blog posts with photos):


My prototypes will also be used in the industry leading 2016 Public Consultation and Engagement Summit in Toronto this December 5-6, and I have received interest for use by local church leaders, agile programming coaches, and the department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development in the federal government.  

I expect these local requests to borrow my Feedback Frames (see will continue to grow, and this could be a strategic opportunity for local based promotions.

Feedback Frames Status

I have a professionally prepared patent pending for all the core functions of Feedback Frames, and the patent has been received positively by the International Searching Authority for patents. Working through Spark Innovations, I have functional manufacturing-ready prototypes and quotes from multiple reputable Chinese manufacturers. I’m confident I could go into production and market as is, although I will likely make a few modest adjustments to the design to make them a bit slimmer, lighter and better looking.  

Crowdfunding Experience & Plans

In mid September 2016, I tried launching an IndieGoGo campaign and quickly received 36 pre-orders (for a total of 263 units), with an average spend of $140 USD each order (including shipping) from backers in Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand, and United Kingdom (way beyond family and friends).  Unfortunately I did not feel I was achieving the necessary momentum for success and after about a week I stopped promoting the campaign and offered refunds to the backers.

My email list in September was about 1,600 subscribers and I achieved 5% of my $100,000 goal in a few days, including about ⅓ of sales from previously unknown individuals.

My intent in 2017 is to launch a new crowdfunding campaign once I have over 20,000 qualified leads subscribed, with a crowdfunding goal of raising around $120,000 in pre-sales to kickstart manufacturing.

This is why I need fantastic online marketing person on my side.

Current Online Presence

(Keep in mind that meeting tools are a very niche sector, for example, with less than 400 Google searches each month for “meeting facilitation”)


I’ve been active on Twitter since about March 2016, with consistent focus on posts about meeting facilitation and democracy. I’ve got around 500 followers.


I’ve never been much a Facebook guy, with very infrequent posts, mostly to family and school friends.  390 Friends.

I did create a FB page for Idea Rating Sheets and very recently for Feedback Frames, but have not promoted either very much at all.


I’m reasonably active on LinkedIn, posting to half a dozen large discussion groups on the topics of public consultation and meeting facilitation, and getting positive responses. I’ve got almost 1,000 connections (almost all have already been imported to my email list).


I’ve invested significantly into production of YouTube videos, but have not promoted them much yet,


I have one popular presentation on SlideShare about Idea Rating Sheets at almost 46,000 views

No slides about Feedback Frames yet.


I’m not (yet) active on Pinterest, Instagram or SnapChat


I got three earned posts from high profile blogs (in niche market) recently: NCDD, and


My Idea Rating Sheets Facilitators Handbook, which is only available on form submission, is downloaded about once a day.


Current website users per month to my sites:

  •            2,200 (mostly to three old committee templates)
  •        1,200
  •         550
  •     350


And as noted earlier, I have about 1,600 subscribers on my MailChimp list, which is primarily from form submissions and LinkedIn connections.  Average open rate is a solid 30% or better, but growth is equal to attrition.

Target Audience

Based on user surveys, subscriber form data, and email interactions with my existing subscribers, as well as research and knowledge of various sectors, I would say my target audiences include:  

  1. Professional meeting facilitators (e.g. members of IAF and NCDD)

  2. Professional public participation consultants (e.g. members of IAP2)

  3. Professional event / meeting organizers (e.g. members of MPI)

  4. Teachers / professors (middle school to post-secondary)

  5. Agile software coaches

  6. Association leaders (e.g. chair, president, general manager, super-keen member) :

    • Student government and interest groups (mostly post-secondary)

    • Any kind of industry/sector specific associations

    • Science and medical associations and large teams

    • Condo board of directors

    • Business improvement areas (BIAs)

    • Cultural and community associations (e.g. ratepayer groups, ethnic associations)

  7. Innovative organization managers (corporate, NGOs and co-ops)

  8. Consultants to corporations, government and associations (e.g. that host large workshops for change management, HR, corporate strategy, innovation)

  9. Church leaders (specifically Baptist and United)


And I am sure there are more.  Feedback Frames have been proven to work for any age,  any topic, in any language, so their potential user base is unlimited.   But I know marking to “everyone” is often ineffective and this is where I need a marketing specialist to carry out a focused strategy to help cherrypick and convert the target markets with most early adopters.


I have a started a list of influencers and convening web sites, but it’s mostly limited to audiences 1-4 above.

My Budget & Expectations

I could offer about $3,000 to start, with more available once ROI is demonstrated.  

Ideally I would like to see a gain of 2,400 quality lead subscribers by the end of January 2017 within this budget, including a clear plan of action to achieve 20,000 quality lead subscribers into the spring 2017, with additional budget as needed.

I’d like to see most of this initial investment spent on improving, optimizing and reuse of my existing web site and content, along with very smart outreach tactics that deliver immediate and lasting conversion results.

I have already spent over $10,000 on my videos, and I would like to see ROI on them.  I can provide or get my editor to do some basic video editing to tweak or do some custom repurposing of the existing video footage outside this budget.  E.g. this silent FB video. I would be willing to do some additional home/low cost videos.

Optionally, I now have a professional photographer on my side who can provide new photos outside of this budget, and a traditional media PR contact I could work with outside this budget.

I can provide some new raw content (on request) for publishing and sharing (e.g. via email Q & A), but would depend on the marketing partner to edit, and manage publishing.  

My personal capacity for engaging in social media is quite limited by my full-time day job at the City of Toronto, and busy family life with kids.  I would definitely need assistance in improving and scaling up day-to-day social media communications.

My role and connections through the City of Toronto are not an asset in this work.  I have severe restrictions in order to avoid any possible conflict of interest.  

I am very wary of how easy I could burn up my budget with online ads that do not convert. I would not be willing to commit to an ad focused strategy unless the marketing partner is willing to take on equal risk. I’m much more interested to see savvy ideas of reaching key audiences through earned postings and viral sharing.

I am also wary of “fake” subscribers to create the illusion of conversions.  I would expect any proposed plan to include some activities to realistically validate that subscribers are real potential customers.

I would be willing to work with an individual or a firm, preferably in the Toronto area.

Are You Interested?

If you are interested in working with me on growing Feedback Frames, please send me a short message on what kind of service, strategy and tactics you could offer and a few links to case studies / examples of your recent work.  We can then schedule a Skype call to see if we are a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Jason Diceman 647-883-0648


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