Feedback Frames LITE

In late 2017, we started shipping our first version of Feedback Frames. We are calling them Feedback Frames LITE. They are locally made in Ontario, Canada and they are fantastic!

Feedback Frames LITE work perfectly on tables in meetings, workshops and conferences. We’ve tested them in the field and we are fully confident you will find them to be a very powerful reusable tool in your meeting facilitation toolbox.

  • Reliable, lightweight and very easy to use
  • Fit a US legal (8.5”x14”) size paper for the rating scale
  • Removable cover features the 3-step instructions
  • Set of 15 comes in a handy carrying case

Each Feedback Frames LITE unit comes with a stand, 50 blue tokens, cover, and a pre-printed colour “agreement” rating scale.

Price:  $15 CDN per unit – sold in boxes of 15 for $225. Plus shipping.


Order your set today!

Send you request to or call 647-883-0648


Want tokens in other colours?

Order “Chips 15mm”  from

These 15mm “chips” from Spiel Material have been tested to work reliably with Feedback Frames LITE.  Order them directly independently of Tokens from other suppliers may be too thick or thin and could get jammed.


Download templates for your Feedback Frames

Visit the templates page for slides, results spreadsheets, alternative scale and more.