A Workshop with Taiwan’s Government Innovation Lab

By Alex Jung

In November 2018, g0v-Toronto, based in Toronto’s Civic Tech community, hosted a two-day capacity-building workshop in partnership with Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS), Taiwan’s government innovation lab on the frontier of participatory governance.

The visiting team from PDIS was led by Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang, a “radically transparent” civic-hacker-turned-policymaker and one of the most prominent figures in digital government today.

The workshop brought together 16 community organisation representatives from across Toronto and 12 active civil servants from the Ontario Public Service and the City of Toronto, at the United Steelworkers Hall.

The two day workshop concluded with a round of Feedback Frames that allowed each participant–and the group as a whole–to think through and share feedback on how they might concretely apply the lessons learned to their own spheres of work in Toronto.

Overall, the event helped demonstrate how citizens can work together across disciplines, organisations, and sectors, and identify what is needed for stronger community-government collaboration in service of a working democracy.

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