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Feedback Frames open and closed
Feedback Frames Ontario scientists
Scientists prioritize research on the Great Lakes using Feedback Frames prototypes (2016)

How They Work

drop one token per frame to vote

Find Agreements Fast!

Feedback Frames are secret rating ballots with instant visual results.

Use them to facilitate equal opportunity workshops that are collaborative, efficient and fun.

No technical support required.

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board members using feedback frames

Any Age.  Any Topic.

In the boardroom,  classroom,  innovation lab, or community hall.

Facilitators at IAFNAC

Kids children students using feedback frames


Secret Voting

Votes are private and anonymous. No one sees the results during the process of giving their opinion.  This avoids the bandwagon effect and groupthink. Can’t do that with sticker voting!

close up feedback frames

Customizable Rating Scales

Modify one of our free templates or create your own rating sheet.

Fits standard legal size (8 ½” x 14”) paper.

Use any rating scale you can think of in any language you can write.

different scales

Many Token Styles

Use different colour tokens to represent different kinds of participants.

Standard tokens fit 30 votes per column. Also fits most coins.

Validate Results

Use signatures to confirm only one vote per person. There should be the same number of tokens dropped as signatures written.  No ballot box stuffing here.

Signatures on statement sheet for Feedback Frames


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Adrian Segar…a refreshing alternative to the complex (and typically expensive) high-tech audience response system methods routinely used for anonymous voting at meetings.
– Adrian Segar, author of “Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love”

dave meslinFeedback Frames provide an alternative to the toxic polarization between fabricated Yes/No dichotomies – allowing any government, agency or community group to accurately collect nuanced data that reflects the diverse opinions in a room. No other system or tool provides the amount of flexibility, accuracy and convenience that has been designed into Feedback Frames.
– Dave Meslin, TED Speaker, author of new book “One hundred remedies for a broken democracy,” and professional rabble-rouser

mimi thomasWhat a fun and smart way for prioritizing student questions for inquiry based learning.  For peer evaluation, I’m sure classmates would appreciate the anonymity.  And wow, could this help in staff meetings too.
– Mimi Thomas, Elementary School Teacher, Toronto District School Board

craig freshleyIn any meeting, seeing what everyone thinks is a huge challenge. Feedback Frames provide a way of doing that; efficiently and reliably.  For those of us who prefer analogue tools rather than “the latest app!”
– Craig Freshley,   expert facilitator, author of “The Wisdom of Group Decisions”

Lucy C-EI can’t wait to use Feedback Frames for community engagement – practical and effective!
 Lucy Cole-Edelstein, Director of Straight Talk, award winning Australian public consultation firm, IAP2 Certification Trainer

rob purdieIdeal for evaluating options and priorities within face-to-face teams. Upgrade your collaborative workshops!
– Rob Purdie, Agile Coach, IBM. Founder, NYC Scrum User Group

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